Adventures in Lecture Slides

I spend a lot of time crafting bespoke slides for lectures and courses that I teach. Let not the tyranny of the powerpoint template reign supreme. Here are some examples of slides I’ve used to illustrate the cadence of the Bronze to Iron Age transition, and excerpts from my “Homer” slide series, which accompany my lectures when I teach the Iliad and Odyssey, which I do whenever I have the chance.


This is what the Mycenaean state was like.


Or maybe the Mycenaean state was more like this.


This is what it was like when the Mycenaean state was destroyed.


This is what the Protogeometric period was like.



Achilles and Agamemnon


Achilles and his booty.


Agamemnon’s dream


Helen and Paris


Vivid analogies of Homer


Hera did not like the Trojans


Achilles withdraws from battle


Sneaking in book 10


About buttocks


Berserker Achilles


This is what the nostoi were like.


It’s about Xenia


This is what it was like when Odysseus was on Calypso’s island


Cyclops problems


Odysseus and his thugs get eaten sometimes.


Storms and such


Odysseus at sea


Grim scene in Ithaca


End of the Odyssey